Wonder what the Hollywood movies above have in common?

They are all Hollywood blockbuster movies that originally came from SELF-PUBLISHED books, from self-published authors.

How did these books get to Hollywood? How did these authors get their books to become movies?

It is through the right promotion and the right publicity campaign. Get your book to Hollywood decision-makers and give the advantage to standout through the sea of books and authors trying to get to Hollywood

With Capstone’s Book Trailer you will get:

  • Creation of 1-3 minutes custom made book-video tailored for cinema viewing
  • Script and Treatment
  • Authors are given the chance to choose among available Actors and Actresses to be in character for the Video Trailer
  • One month YouTube Advertising for the video
  • Trailer will be placed on Hollywood’s database which will give them the chance to be picked up by movie directors or film producers.

They get to own the video and they can use it for personal marketing.