Book Store Returnability Program – International

Making your work more attractive to book buyers by placing your books on shelves of local and international book shops.

The Bookstore Returnability Kit overcomes one of the major obstacles that self-published authors face when attempting to get their book on bookstore shelves. When you choose to enroll in this program, you make your work more attractive to booksellers everywhere and increase the market availability of your book. By making your book returnable through Ingram, bookstores can order and stock your book without worrying about what to do with any remaining stock.

This is an assurance to book store owners that they can return to us the books that have not been sold and they will not be billed with it. Your book will be registered through Ingram, the biggest book distributor in the US.

36-months Book Returnability

Ingram’s Role:

Book Distributor in the US, UK, and Asia, their role is to meet the needs of any publisher wanting to maintain sales, marketing goals, and account integrity through distributing an author’s book in international and local book shops.