Option 1: 3 episodes

Podcast have become a popular medium that people love, somewhat like the radio shows, except rather than sit around the radio in the living room, we now have podcasts in our ears on our commute, while we’re exercising, while we work or simply while we relax. With the technology advances today, podcasts are exploding in popularity. You can connect with your ideal readers in their ear when and where they want. If you’re thinking this sounds better than going from bookstore to bookstore and library to library for a year, paying for travel yourself and hoping the right readers stumbles across your event, you’re primed to get on podcasts to promote your book.

• maximum length of 30 minutes per audio episode
• Background music
• Professional custom made show Intro, liners, stingers by MALE Voice Over Artist
• 30 second Audio teaser of your book
• Produced by a professional sound engineer/technician
• Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the output audio
• Distribution: SPOTIFY, APPLE Podcast, Google Podcasts, Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers, Stitcher, TUNEIN, iHeartRadio, SONOS
• Auto-share podcasts to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, SoundCloud

TAT: We will be providing a draft 15 business days after the completed recording with the author.
Sample podcast: