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Our Brand Promise


We employ a pool of talented designers and illustrators who passionately work with your concepts and imaginations, and transform them into art. To us, creativity is a passion.


Our designers and illustrators are easy to deal with. We are a straightforward company who will work with you and your vision, and plans for your book.


We own each of our client and our client's projects. Our work mantra is to advocate for your works and your brand. Tell us your vision. We plan the execution. Then we execute the plan.

Our Customers Are Seeing Results

Yes I am working with Capstone. They are, and have provided several services to me with the publishing of my story.

- Michael

I have had only positive experiences with Capstone.

- Margarette

They have always been mind full of any limitations I may have and worked with me to successfully complete and market my story books.

- Abraham

One thing I've learnt on this adventure is, that it's not good enough to have a good story if no-one knows about it. And Marketing is essential to build interest and awareness in the books.

- Simon

Would like to say how impressed I am with Capstone and hope they puts as much effort into making my book successful.

- Jean

I will most likely work with you for my book. My reasoning is this, and I think I should tell you, so that it can help you in gaining future clients. Royalty is 100% or very close to it, which is uncommon in the self-publishing industry, the fact that you are open about how you make money i.e. via marketing and not royalties increases my trust of you, and your philosophy of marketing over only publishing comes across really well. Hopefully, you can use this feedback to help Capstone in the future :)

- Luke Troise